Principles of Virtual Sensation

What is the “feel” of a game? Every gamer knows it and can easily recall the sensation, the kinesthetic feeling, of controlling some virtual avatar or agent. It’s what causes you to lean left and right as you play, swinging your controller wildly as you try to get Mario to move just a little faster. It’s the feeling of masterfully controlling some object outside your body, making it an extension of your will and instinct. This “virtual sensation” is in many ways the essence of videogames, one of the most compelling, captivating, and interesting emergent properties of human-computer interaction.

Steve Swink – Principles of Virtual Sensation.

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  1. Funny, I remember reading that ;)

    I just wish I had read your article back two years ago when I wrote my master thesis and was in dire need of some theoretical background on how TV audiences engage in play-like behaviour.

    I hope you’re alright with me quoting that on my little site here.

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