Enterprise 2.0 and the ROI Mystery

Apart from individual use or hype that hardly relates to your average company, the value and ROI of Enterprise 2.0 tools in organizations is still questionable. The main problems can be found outlined in these articles:

  • Dion Hinchcliffe: How to measure the ROI of Enterprise 2.0 tools [Link]
  • Also take a look at his slides from the Web 2.0 Expo [Link, via]
  • A more realistic and pragmatic viewpoint comes from Dennis Howlett [Link]

What makes me wonder is that, coming from a sociological background, i don’t see any insurmountable problems in measuring, and consequently determining, ROI of so-called ’soft‘ correlations. The social sciences have developed a strong and proven tool set for exactly this type of phenomena. Of course, the adapting of these tool sets to the enterprise could require more resources than management is willing to provide, but i think that, on a more manageable level, sound results can be found by even small teams and small initiatives.

CSS Sprites

After cleaning up the CSS here at marksimon.de i sure would like to try out such refined techniques as CSS Sprites. Although there might be no actual purpose to it and, from an aesthetic point of view, i still prefer a graphics-free approach to writing stylesheets. But that’s just my personal taste, i guess.

Firefox profile lost after Ubuntu shutdown

I tried out a tool for scheduled shutdowns on my Ubuntu machine yesterday. Firefox was still running in the background, and after the shutdown it turns out that my whole profile (bookmarks, add-ons, etc.) was lost. To make matters worse, Firefox would randomly crash at every second click, be it on the toolbar or on a link. Removing and reinstalling the packages didn’t help, but fortunately i found a solution here. So if this happens to you, all you have to do is a) duplicating the Firefox profile folder and b) editing the path to it in the profile.ini – see the first answer for a detailed description.

Information Studies Wiki

Working in such informal fields as Communications and/or Knowledge Management is always open to criticism of legitimacy. How can your actions and strategies be made valid and valuable for your organization? Especially in times of crisis this is an important question that needs to be addressed. In this regard, the InfoWissWiki (sorry, german only) is a useful resource to give your work a scientifc and proven foundation. There’s even an accompanying blog that covers a broad range of topics related to Information Studies.

Space Photography

Maybe i’m late with that, but New Scientist has published a gallery of mesmerizing deep space photographs in commemoration of the 100 Hours of Astronomy-event, which took place from April 02 til 05. I only wish these pictures had a higher resolution, they would look great on my desktop. Right now, thinking about it, they would look even better rasterbated and put up on my living room wall.

Prezi goes public

Word just got out that Prezi, a really great online tool that allows you to create stunning flash presentations, went public. I tried it some time ago and it is just wonderful. If you want people to be blown away by your presentation, you absolutely have to give it a try.

Calculated Columns, Formulas & Functions in Sharepoint

There is no defending myself against the accusation that this blog is getting too much SharePoint-centric. My only excuse is that calculated columns are way, way underused in SharePoint and are a mighty tool for various purposes. These sites compile almost all (i am joking, of course, i can only scratch the surface in this regard) there is to know about calculated columns:

  • SharePoint Formulas and Functions at MS [Link]
  • Examples of Common Formulas at MS [Link]
  • Also make sure to take a look at the ‚Taming the Elusive Calculated Column‘-series at EndUserSharePoint, great stuff [Link]


Two small things: First some examples of really smart uses of the Content Editor Web Part available to end users in SharePoint. You can freely add JavaScript (or even CSS-overrides) to the CEWP, so this web part can be a mighty tool for end users and administrators alike. Check out the examples here.

And this April Fools Joke can clearly be filed under ‚How to not use your Intranet‘. Although i could raise some valid questions about authenticity and transparency and how these concepts relate to digital communication, the reality leaves me baffled.


So, finally i got WordPress up and runnning. Things to do in the following months are the design of this site, which is in dire need of an overhaul (the standard theme just doesn’t cut it), first drafts of my CV, and of course the most important thing: learning for my final exams. Stay tuned for more to come.