Links For 2009-06-09

Links for today:

  • Leveraging the Power of Your Intranet [Link]
  • In times of crisis, is the intranet an afterthought? [Link]
  • Intranet Experience Blog [Link]

SharePoint Links: Dev & Admin Wikis, Folders or Categories

SharePoint links for today:

  • SharePoint Development Wiki [Link]
  • SharePoint Admin Wiki [Link]
  • The SharePoint Folder or Categories Issue [Link]

Sunday Links for 2009-06-07

Sunday links:

  • A Specific German Phenomenon: Donaldism [Link]
  • Why There Won’t Be a Third Wave of Ska [Link]
  • Authoring and Exploring Vast Narratives [Link]
  • Turn Spare USB Drives Into Giveaways [Link]

Links For 2009-06-05

Links for today:

  • You can’t build a Business Case for Social Software [Link]
  • Target emotions in the business cas [Link]
  • 65 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your e-Learning Budget [Link]

Links for 2009-06-04

Links for today:

Enterprise 2.0 Links for Today

Links for today:

  • Enterprise 2.0 Isn’t a Checklist [Link]
  • Is Your Enterprise Ready for Web 2.0 [Link]
  • Why HR are really central to Enterprise 2.0 [Link]
  • More advanced steps to a good intranet wiki/blog [Link]
  • Enterprise 2.0 and the Hype Cycle [Link]

SharePoint Links for today: Projectmanagement, IA, Videos & Tutorials

SharePoint links for today:

  • A Projectmanagement Solution for SharePoint [Link]
  • SharePoint: The Backbone of Your Information Architecture [Link]
  • SharePoint eLearning Videos & Tutorials [Link, via]

Monday Reading Links for 2009-06-01

Reading links for the long weekend:

  • What made those old Jump’n’Run games so good? Game mechanics [Link]
  • Anyone else read these Choose-your-own-adventure-books as a kid? [Link]
  • High Finance vs. Human Nature [Link]
  • Wireframes Magazine [Link]

Links For Today: Intranet User Basics, ECM & Collaboration Blueprint

  • Survey Results: Intranet Basics From a User Viewpoint [Link]
  • Enterprise Content Management & Collaboration Blueprint [Link, Local Copy]

Links For Today: Internal Blogs, Knowledge Transfer

  • Using Internal Blogs to Heighten Communications and Knowledge Management [Link]
  • Ten Widely-Used Knowledge-Transfer Methods in Large Companies [Link]