Links for today: WikiPatterns, TecDoc Hints, Mootools Forms

  • WikiPatterns are simple relational rules for Wiki adoption [Link]
  • Hints for writing technical documentations: Write Anwers, Not Documentation [Link]
  • Make simple WYSIWYG-forms with Mootools [Link]

SharePoint Links for Today: Evaluation, Roles, Tabbed Web Parts

SharePoint links for today:

  • Evaluating SharePoint for Larger Enterprises [Link]
  • Roles & Responsibilities for SharePoint Implementations [Link]
  • Display Web Parts with Tabbed Navigation [Link]

Sunday Links for May 24, 2009

Sunday links:

  • The Odd Spiritualism of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle [Link]
  • Fairy-tale scholars explore the nuanced history of the genre [Link]
  • The Architecture of the Enemy in Video Games [Link]
  • The Science News Cycle [Link]

SharePoint Links for Today: Groove & Collaboration

SharePoint links for today:

  • Microsoft renames Groove as SharePoint Workspace [Link]
  • You can’t stress ‚em often enough: Tips for collaborating with SharePoint [Link]
  • When SharePoint goes wrong, only verbal flogging helps [Link]

Enterprise 2.0 Links for today

  • Thoughts about Enterprise 2.0 Maturity [Link]
  • Having versus Using Enterprise 2.0 Software [Link]

Links for today: Colourlovers, Sweetcron, CubeTree

  • Colourlovers: a Color & Design Community [Link]
  • Sweetcron: Automated Lifestream Software [Link]
  • CubeTree: Hosted Enterprise Social Networking and Collaboration [Link]

SharePoint links for today: CompleteSharepoint.NET / How to emulate network shares

SharePoint links for today:

  • How to emulate network shares in a SharePoint library [Link]
  • CompleteSharepoint.NET is a lightweight CMS built on top of WSS [Link]

Links for today: Enterprise 2.0 rollouts, Intranet ROI, IA Mistakes

Links for today:

  • Get me to the parts store in time: A short article about what really matters when it comes to much-hyped Enterprise 2.0 rollouts [Link]
  • Some small hints for calculating Intranet ROI [Link]
  • Jakob Nielsen: Top 10 Information Architecture Mistakes [Link]

Sunday links: Science, Lost, Star Trek, What makes us happy?

Sunday Links:

  • The most realistic and the most ridiculous uses of science in film and TV [Link]
  • Lost and Literature: A Transmedia Story [Link]
  • An article about one of the most comprehensive longitudinal studies in history with some fascinating insights: What makes us happy? [Link]
  • Henry Jenkins: Five ways to start a conversation about the new Star Trek film [Link]

SharePoint links for today

SharePoint links for today:

  • How to hide the title column [Link]
  • Social Computing behind the Firewall with SharePoint [Link]
  • SharePoint versus Alfresco [Link]
  • Toby Ward: SharePoint dissected [Link]