Knowledge Management Audits & Resources

Knowledge Management links for today:

  • Video Tutorials on how to conduct a knowledge audit [Link, via]
  • NHS Evidence Knowledge Management Library: a wealth of information, studies and research papers [Link]

Sunday Links

Sunday Links:

  • Infinite Wisdom: Mathematics and Mysticism [Link]
  • How Lost relates to Carl Jung [Link]
  • First Trailer for Neill Blomkamps District 9, whose Alive in Joburg and Tetra Vaal already packed more visual and political punch than Michael Bay and Oliver Stone combined [Link]

Links for Today

Links for today:

  • Intranet 2.0 in 10 Not-Seasy-Steps [Link]
  • Styleneat, a simple CSS Organizer [Link]
  • Very funny: Intranet 2.0 from a Manager’s perspective (German only, sorry) [Link]
  • SharePoint: How to make a multiple lines of text field collapse and expand [Link]

Sunday Links

Sunday links:

  • Google News Timeline [Link]
  • Edgar Allan Poe and the Economy of Horror [Link]
  • MIT Media Studies Podcast: X-Men World Building [Link]
  • Why Tech Support Sucks [Link]

Bitrix, Wikis, and Quality Management

Links for today:

  • Products to watch: Bitrix Intranet Portal [Link]
  • A comparison of five free wiki systems (German) [Link]
  • Using a Wiki to implement Quality Management [Link, via]

Sunday Links

Links for Sunday:

  • Nothing is created out of thin air: The Story of Stuff [Link]
  • JG Ballard died recently, Ballardian has a write-up with several links [Link]
  • A nsfw and tasteless song about internet commenters [Link]

SharePoint Pitfalls, Planning and User Experience

SharePoint links for today:

  • Dig yourself a hole: Top SharePoint Pitfalls [Link]
  • Some user experience concepts, applicable to SharePoint, but not exclusively [Link]
  • Toby Ward on SharePoint Planning and Governance [Link, via]

Sunday Links for April 19th

Sunday links:

  • A Time Travel Cheat Sheet [Link]
  • Steampunk Magazine Issue 5 Released [Link]
  • Visualized Sorting Algorithms [Link]
  • In my next life, i wanna be a regular customer at the Brooklyn Superhero Supply store [Link]

Easter Monday Links

Links for Easter Monday:

  • Henry Jenkins on Critical Information Studies for a participatory culture [Link]
  • Awesome video that combines stop motion and tilt shift techniques [Link]

Sunday Reading Links

Sunday reading links:

  • When attention becomes an economic asset: Death and the Media [Link]
  • True or not true, this is an entertaining yarn: The Dyatlov Pass Incident [Link]