User Script Disables Google Reader’s „Like“ Feature


I wonder if anyone over there notices the self-reference.

I am pretty proud of my new ha…

I am pretty proud of my new handcrafted and color-coded Tumblelog/Blog-theme. Coupled with a quick post bookmarklet this works like a charm.

Use WordPress to Create a Tumblr-like Tumblelog

Use WordPress to Create a Tumblr-like Tumblelog

Article on how to configure WordPress to grab content from outside feeds and have that data displayed on your WordPress-powered tumblelog.

Saturday – 18th July 2009 @ 10:12:24 AM

At the moment I am revising the theme and structure of this blog. If it looks wonky, behaves irrationally or just plain looks weird, this might be the cause. Please bear with me and my design and programming skills, it will work out soon.

Hopefully soon, I might add.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-11

  • It seems i am no longer able to sleep in on sundays. Allowed me to catch almost the thickest fog ever this morning. #
  • Finished The Crying of Lot 49 yesterday. Not yet sure what to make of it & wondering which Thomas Pynchon novel i should tackle next. #
  • Back from Innsbruck where I signed the work contract for a great job. I guess it is time to revamp my blog and cancel my open applications. #

Miscellaneous Links For 2009-07-11

Miscellaneous Links For 2009-07-11:

If you can handle some academical ranting, this quite long article deals with the vagueness that is inherent in Knowledge Management theory and practices:

Finally, these bookmarklets make web browsing much, much easier:

Intranet Links for 2009-07-08

Intranet links for 2009-07-08:

Some more non-Intranet 2.0 links:

Sunday Links for 2009-07-05

Sunday links for 2009-07-05:

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-04

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-04:

  • Summer pleasures: It’s really heating up in our apartment. I guess it’s time to dust off the cooling fan in the attic. #
  • Suddenly, Austria has a nice ring to it. #
  • Those lids on take-away coffee cups can be nasty little buggers. The stains on my shirt are proof. #
  • Went to see Drag Me To Hell yesterday. Sam Raimi can still deliver the scares. #
  • Is there a laptop that, resting on your legs, does not heat up to the point of being intolerable? #