Enterprise 2.0 Links for Today

Links for today:

  • Enterprise 2.0 Isn’t a Checklist [Link]
  • Is Your Enterprise Ready for Web 2.0 [Link]
  • Why HR are really central to Enterprise 2.0 [Link]
  • More advanced steps to a good intranet wiki/blog [Link]
  • Enterprise 2.0 and the Hype Cycle [Link]

SharePoint Links for today: Projectmanagement, IA, Videos & Tutorials

SharePoint links for today:

  • A Projectmanagement Solution for SharePoint [Link]
  • SharePoint: The Backbone of Your Information Architecture [Link]
  • SharePoint eLearning Videos & Tutorials [Link, via]

Monday Reading Links for 2009-06-01

Reading links for the long weekend:

  • What made those old Jump’n’Run games so good? Game mechanics [Link]
  • Anyone else read these Choose-your-own-adventure-books as a kid? [Link]
  • High Finance vs. Human Nature [Link]
  • Wireframes Magazine [Link]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-31

  • Haven’t worked with a real mouse on my Ubuntu laptop for ages. Thank God there’s http://bit.ly/GQaTX #
  • Mobile convergence? Let’s see if it works. #
  • Decadence and gluttony: ordered pizza online #
  • GDR-ology: Podcast about Social Sciences in West Germany dealing with (maybe false) East German data [german] http://bit.ly/15gyAi #
  • Rule #1: Unrestricted access to caffeine raises productivity, especially at six in the morning. #
  • Ubuntu Server: Why you want one and how to do it: http://bit.ly/O1fKD #
  • Rat communities have a tight social structure and rats are deeply attached to their native soil. Almost sounds like another species i know. #
  • Bad metrics yield bad results: http://bit.ly/1afzx8 #
  • Back from grocery shopping, streets already crawling with half-drunken teenagers on their way to the local beer festival. #
  • Finally getting away from the desk for today. Now it’s time for some Trigger Happy TV on DVD… #
  • For the first time in my life i was on the other side of the desk during a job interview. Strange feeling. #
  • In-laws to be are visiting this weekend and will meet my family on sunday. This will definitly be interesting. #
  • Baking buns for breakfast. #
  • Watching Superman on TV while trying to change an English WinXP installation to German. Superman yay, WinXP meh. #
  • Tired. Sleeping. Waking up the next morning. I wonder if this routine ever gets boring. I guess not. #

Internal Communications HowNotTo

The worst that can happen to an internal communicator is that his audience reads about ongoing events and happenings in the press – and that before even anything internal has been published. This not only conts as a (intended or non-intended) slow response time, but is also a sign that there is something fundamental wrong with the internal communications paradigms in the conpany. This piece (German only) in the Harvard Business Manager makes some very valid points in this regard.

Links For Today: Intranet User Basics, ECM & Collaboration Blueprint

  • Survey Results: Intranet Basics From a User Viewpoint [Link]
  • Enterprise Content Management & Collaboration Blueprint [Link, Local Copy]

Links For Today: Internal Blogs, Knowledge Transfer

  • Using Internal Blogs to Heighten Communications and Knowledge Management [Link]
  • Ten Widely-Used Knowledge-Transfer Methods in Large Companies [Link]

Links for today: WikiPatterns, TecDoc Hints, Mootools Forms

  • WikiPatterns are simple relational rules for Wiki adoption [Link]
  • Hints for writing technical documentations: Write Anwers, Not Documentation [Link]
  • Make simple WYSIWYG-forms with Mootools [Link]

SharePoint Links for Today: Evaluation, Roles, Tabbed Web Parts

SharePoint links for today:

  • Evaluating SharePoint for Larger Enterprises [Link]
  • Roles & Responsibilities for SharePoint Implementations [Link]
  • Display Web Parts with Tabbed Navigation [Link]

Sunday Links for May 24, 2009

Sunday links:

  • The Odd Spiritualism of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle [Link]
  • Fairy-tale scholars explore the nuanced history of the genre [Link]
  • The Architecture of the Enemy in Video Games [Link]
  • The Science News Cycle [Link]