Internal Communications HowNotTo

The worst that can happen to an internal communicator is that his audience reads about ongoing events and happenings in the press – and that before even anything internal has been published. This not only conts as a (intended or non-intended) slow response time, but is also a sign that there is something fundamental wrong with the internal communications paradigms in the conpany. This piece (German only) in the Harvard Business Manager makes some very valid points in this regard.

Links For Today: Intranet User Basics, ECM & Collaboration Blueprint

  • Survey Results: Intranet Basics From a User Viewpoint [Link]
  • Enterprise Content Management & Collaboration Blueprint [Link, Local Copy]

Links For Today: Internal Blogs, Knowledge Transfer

  • Using Internal Blogs to Heighten Communications and Knowledge Management [Link]
  • Ten Widely-Used Knowledge-Transfer Methods in Large Companies [Link]

Links for today: WikiPatterns, TecDoc Hints, Mootools Forms

  • WikiPatterns are simple relational rules for Wiki adoption [Link]
  • Hints for writing technical documentations: Write Anwers, Not Documentation [Link]
  • Make simple WYSIWYG-forms with Mootools [Link]

SharePoint Links for Today: Evaluation, Roles, Tabbed Web Parts

SharePoint links for today:

  • Evaluating SharePoint for Larger Enterprises [Link]
  • Roles & Responsibilities for SharePoint Implementations [Link]
  • Display Web Parts with Tabbed Navigation [Link]

Sunday Links for May 24, 2009

Sunday links:

  • The Odd Spiritualism of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle [Link]
  • Fairy-tale scholars explore the nuanced history of the genre [Link]
  • The Architecture of the Enemy in Video Games [Link]
  • The Science News Cycle [Link]

SharePoint Links for Today: Groove & Collaboration

SharePoint links for today:

  • Microsoft renames Groove as SharePoint Workspace [Link]
  • You can’t stress ‚em often enough: Tips for collaborating with SharePoint [Link]
  • When SharePoint goes wrong, only verbal flogging helps [Link]

Links for today: MIKE2.0 / omCollab

  • MIKE2.0 is a comprehensive open source methodology for enterprise-wide Information and Knowledge Management [Link, via]
  • omCollab is a package of open source collaborative software (including customized WordPress, MediaWiki, and other social software bundled for enterprise use) that is specifically targeted to be used in conjunction with MIKE2.0 [Link]

Enterprise 2.0 Links for today

  • Thoughts about Enterprise 2.0 Maturity [Link]
  • Having versus Using Enterprise 2.0 Software [Link]

Links for today: Colourlovers, Sweetcron, CubeTree

  • Colourlovers: a Color & Design Community [Link]
  • Sweetcron: Automated Lifestream Software [Link]
  • CubeTree: Hosted Enterprise Social Networking and Collaboration [Link]