Links for today: Colourlovers, Sweetcron, CubeTree

  • Colourlovers: a Color & Design Community [Link]
  • Sweetcron: Automated Lifestream Software [Link]
  • CubeTree: Hosted Enterprise Social Networking and Collaboration [Link]

SharePoint links for today: CompleteSharepoint.NET / How to emulate network shares

SharePoint links for today:

  • How to emulate network shares in a SharePoint library [Link]
  • CompleteSharepoint.NET is a lightweight CMS built on top of WSS [Link]

Links for today: Enterprise 2.0 rollouts, Intranet ROI, IA Mistakes

Links for today:

  • Get me to the parts store in time: A short article about what really matters when it comes to much-hyped Enterprise 2.0 rollouts [Link]
  • Some small hints for calculating Intranet ROI [Link]
  • Jakob Nielsen: Top 10 Information Architecture Mistakes [Link]

Sunday links: Science, Lost, Star Trek, What makes us happy?

Sunday Links:

  • The most realistic and the most ridiculous uses of science in film and TV [Link]
  • Lost and Literature: A Transmedia Story [Link]
  • An article about one of the most comprehensive longitudinal studies in history with some fascinating insights: What makes us happy? [Link]
  • Henry Jenkins: Five ways to start a conversation about the new Star Trek film [Link]

SharePoint links for today

SharePoint links for today:

  • How to hide the title column [Link]
  • Social Computing behind the Firewall with SharePoint [Link]
  • SharePoint versus Alfresco [Link]
  • Toby Ward: SharePoint dissected [Link]

Intranet Dashboard / Interact Intranet Suite

I’ll have to put both Intranet Dashboard [Link] and Interact Intranet Suite [Link] on my list of products to watch out for. Although, and I am sure that I am not the only one that noticed this, both companies share very similar web strategies, in some cases right down to the wording. And don’t get me started on these ever-present contact forms that do more harm than good — I just wanna check out some hands-on info about the product without taking five minutes to fill out a form.

Knowledge Management Audits & Resources

Knowledge Management links for today:

  • Video Tutorials on how to conduct a knowledge audit [Link, via]
  • NHS Evidence Knowledge Management Library: a wealth of information, studies and research papers [Link]

Sunday Links

Sunday Links:

  • Infinite Wisdom: Mathematics and Mysticism [Link]
  • How Lost relates to Carl Jung [Link]
  • First Trailer for Neill Blomkamps District 9, whose Alive in Joburg and Tetra Vaal already packed more visual and political punch than Michael Bay and Oliver Stone combined [Link]

Social Media & Online Participation Guidelines Pt. 2

A quick follup to my post from yesterday: Over on Mashable, there is a short article about why your company should have a social media policy for external social media sites like Facebook, Youtube, Xing, or every other site where your employees can add a profile that identifies them as representatives of your company.