Calculated Columns, Formulas & Functions in Sharepoint

There is no defending myself against the accusation that this blog is getting too much SharePoint-centric. My only excuse is that calculated columns are way, way underused in SharePoint and are a mighty tool for various purposes. These sites compile almost all (i am joking, of course, i can only scratch the surface in this regard) there is to know about calculated columns:

  • SharePoint Formulas and Functions at MS [Link]
  • Examples of Common Formulas at MS [Link]
  • Also make sure to take a look at the ‚Taming the Elusive Calculated Column‘-series at EndUserSharePoint, great stuff [Link]


Links for today:

  • How to quickly build a knowledge base in SharePoint, i especially like the neat idea of an automated e-mail routing via SharePoint and Outlook  [Link]
  • Science does not equal Scientism [Link]


Two small things: First some examples of really smart uses of the Content Editor Web Part available to end users in SharePoint. You can freely add JavaScript (or even CSS-overrides) to the CEWP, so this web part can be a mighty tool for end users and administrators alike. Check out the examples here.

And this April Fools Joke can clearly be filed under ‚How to not use your Intranet‘. Although i could raise some valid questions about authenticity and transparency and how these concepts relate to digital communication, the reality leaves me baffled.


Links for today:

  • The Lean Intranet: from Intranet Zero to Intranet 2.0 [Link]
  • Information Architecture: Why SharePoint 2007 Needs It [Link]

Especially interesting:


Sharepoint links for today:

  • A neat little trick for the top link bar on Sharepoint TeamSites [Link]
  • Sometimes things are just too easy, like this custom sort order for SharePoint lists [Link]
  • Examples of public websites built on SharePoint [Link]
  • Pros and Cons of using Sharepoint Designer [Link]


So, finally i got WordPress up and runnning. Things to do in the following months are the design of this site, which is in dire need of an overhaul (the standard theme just doesn’t cut it), first drafts of my CV, and of course the most important thing: learning for my final exams. Stay tuned for more to come.