The Difference between Design and Content


Comparison of an approved design prototype on the left and the same page in a test environment with actual content. Notice how the text is much more hard to digest and the available click actions are much less clear. Via The Content Conundrum – Bridging the gap between design and content.

SharePoint’s Branding Limitations

SharePoint’s Branding Limitations, Part 1

Very comprehensive first part of an article series focussed on stylesheets and what you can do with them in a SharePoint environment.

Update: Here are the other parts:

Miscellaneous Links For 2009-07-11

Miscellaneous Links For 2009-07-11:

If you can handle some academical ranting, this quite long article deals with the vagueness that is inherent in Knowledge Management theory and practices:

Finally, these bookmarklets make web browsing much, much easier: