Franz Joseph and Star Trek’s Blueprint Culture | Graphic Engine

Drafting the technical manual and ship blueprints was, then, largely a matter of reconciling the “imaginary” object of the Enterprise miniature with the “real” object of sets such as the bridge, sickbay, and engineering, explaining in graphic form how exterior and interior aspects of the Enterprise fit together into a coherent whole. In this sense, Joseph’s work might be described as operationalizing the Kuleshov effect, tying down and standardizing relationships created through editing. The technical materials upon which design-oriented fandom thrives – blueprints, models, hand-crafted props –thus serve an essentially conservative function, knitting together loose seams of an imperfectly-manufactured diegetic reality, as opposed to the exploding/perverting of officially preferred meanings that occurs in fan fiction (particularly slash).

Fußball – soziales Band der spätmodernen Gesellschaft?

Mit dem Fußball ist deshalb die Frage verbunden, ob nicht er es sei, der die in Lebensstile und Szenen auseinanderstrebende spätmoderne Gesellschaft zusammenhalte?

Jochen Bonz – Fußball – soziales Band der spätmodernen Gesellschaft? Beobachtungen an zwei Habitus der Fußballbegeisterung.