Intranet Information Architecture Best Practice Analysis

Intranet Information Architecture Best Practice Analysis

An Intranet/Information Architecture best practice report from the Australian government.

Intranet Links for 2009-07-08

Intranet links for 2009-07-08:

Some more non-Intranet 2.0 links:

Intranet Links for 2009-07-26

Intranet links for 2009-07-26:

Intranet Links for 2009-06-15

Intranet links for today:

  • British Telecom’s internal Podcast platform, Podcast Central [Link]
  • Video interview with Toby Ward on SharePoint for Intranets [Link]
  • What Does Your Intranet Brand Say? Some quick facts on naming your intranet [Link]
  • A short survey from ThoughtFarmer: How 2.0 is Your Intranet? [Link]
  • 17 Microblogging Tools for Business: If you want Twitter on your intranet [Link]
  • Some case studies from Noodle, a wiki-based social collaboration tool [Link]
  • Some thoughts about intranet use on mobile devices [Link]

Internal Communications HowNotTo

The worst that can happen to an internal communicator is that his audience reads about ongoing events and happenings in the press – and that before even anything internal has been published. This not only conts as a (intended or non-intended) slow response time, but is also a sign that there is something fundamental wrong with the internal communications paradigms in the conpany. This piece (German only) in the Harvard Business Manager makes some very valid points in this regard.

Links For Today: Intranet User Basics, ECM & Collaboration Blueprint

  • Survey Results: Intranet Basics From a User Viewpoint [Link]
  • Enterprise Content Management & Collaboration Blueprint [Link, Local Copy]

Links for today: Enterprise 2.0 rollouts, Intranet ROI, IA Mistakes

Links for today:

  • Get me to the parts store in time: A short article about what really matters when it comes to much-hyped Enterprise 2.0 rollouts [Link]
  • Some small hints for calculating Intranet ROI [Link]
  • Jakob Nielsen: Top 10 Information Architecture Mistakes [Link]

Interviews in Intranet Needs Analysis

On a related note to my post from yesterday, Step Two Designs has a short overview on how to use an established qualitative approach from the Social sciences, more precisely interviews, when conducting an intranet needs analysis.

Local/Global Intranets, Intranet Review Toolkit

Links for today:

  • Principles for designing global/local Intranets [Link]
  • I have used it before, but never mentioned it here: The Intranet Review Toolkit by Step Two Designs. Although it contains nothing that professional intranet communicators wouldn’t know already, I would definitely recommend this to organizations where non-communicators are appointed with communication & Intranet tasks [Link]