The Information Architecture of Social Experience Design: Five Principles, Five Anti-Patterns

The Information Architecture of Social Experience Design: Five Principles, Five Anti-Patterns

A rundown of the main Do’s and Dont’s when designing social software. Related:

Five Patterns For Massive Wiki Adoption

From the Atlassian blog: Five Patterns For Massive Wiki Adoption.

Integrating Wikipedia With a Local Intranet Wiki

Integrating Wikipedia With a Local Intranet Wiki

A heated discussion on Slashdot about integrating/augmenting internal wikis with content from Wikipedia.

Meetings and Organizational Structure

While all meetings have an officially scripted agenda, their tacit agenda is power. Meetings establish who is in charge. When someone calls a meeting, he or she is asserting authority over those who are called on to attend. Meetings are exclusive and closed. In most corporations, who gets invited to a meeting—and who does not—sends a signal about who’s „in the loop“. Meetings are a form of social grooming inside organizations. Meetings impose vertical authority. They establish status hierarchies. […] When power is diffused and distributed more democratically, meetings are no longer necessary. But corporations are not democracies.

Matthew Fraser – Enterprise 2.0: Wiki While You Work

SharePoint Links for 2009-07-03

SharePoint links for 2009-07-03:

Some useful SharePoint resources and extensions:

Intranet Links for 2009-07-26

Intranet links for 2009-07-26:

Enterprise 2.0 Links for 2009-06-18

Enterprise 2.0 links for today:

  • A short review of ThoughtFarmer, an intranet/collaboration solution [Link]
  • What Google Wave might imlicate for Enterprise collaboration [Link]
  • Ideas for the Measurement of Enterprise 2.0 Effects: really inspiring [Link]
  • A Practical Guide to Implementing Enterprise 2.0 in Your Organization [Link]
  • Why Wikis Should be a Standard Wordplace Tool [Link]
  • Organizational Change and how it relates to Enteprise 2.0 [Link]
  • On the difference between Social and Collaborative Networks [Link]
  • The new version of the Enterprise Wiki from Atlassian [Link]
  • Enterprise 2.0 Lessons from the Field [Link]
  • Enterprise 2.0 and its legal implications, in German only [Link]

SharePoint Links: Dev & Admin Wikis, Folders or Categories

SharePoint links for today:

  • SharePoint Development Wiki [Link]
  • SharePoint Admin Wiki [Link]
  • The SharePoint Folder or Categories Issue [Link]

Enterprise 2.0 Links for Today

Links for today:

  • Enterprise 2.0 Isn’t a Checklist [Link]
  • Is Your Enterprise Ready for Web 2.0 [Link]
  • Why HR are really central to Enterprise 2.0 [Link]
  • More advanced steps to a good intranet wiki/blog [Link]
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Links for today: WikiPatterns, TecDoc Hints, Mootools Forms

  • WikiPatterns are simple relational rules for Wiki adoption [Link]
  • Hints for writing technical documentations: Write Anwers, Not Documentation [Link]
  • Make simple WYSIWYG-forms with Mootools [Link]